Board of Directors


Jennifer Litomisky, Executive Director

Linda Porter, Executive Assistant

Chrissy Cooper, Marketing and Development Director

Irma Hudson, Resident House Manager

Jackie Kennedy, House Manager

Mike McCoy, Special Events and House Maintenance Director


Weekend Staff

Helen Adams

Jane Dumas

Jacqueline Griffie

Rose Nix

Tom Sherrill-Nix

Judy Poplawski



Joel McCormick, President

Jenna Greenman, Vice President

Eric Lynn, Treasurer

Joe Danley, Secretary


Board Members

Shane Barry

Paul Blanchard

Dora Brantley

Yvette Campbell

Aimee Cowher

Tami Damiani

Mark Freedman

Thomas Haggerty

Kyla Marcial

Sheri Mark

Charlene Mitchell

Lori Mouton

Paxton Mueller

Evan Perelekos

Teresa Saputo

Jeff Schneider

Thad Szott

Roger Tertocha


Consultants and Contractors

Liz Cezat, Public Relations

Gary Dembs, Expansion Campaign Adviser

Tim Cowley, CPA


Junior Board

Shane Berry, President

Austin Darket

Rhonda Fields

John Li

Hanan Rakine

Robert T. Reaves

Sarah Rollins



Alan Frank

Gary Granader

John G. Levy

Frank Martin

Paul Pellerito


Honorary Life Members

Harry Granader, in memoriam

Jack Hertzler

Dr. Jimmie Leleszi

Dan Levitsky

Mary Pat McDougall

Mary Renkiewicz

Barbara Wachler

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